Smartway is pioneers in the field of Integrated Systems, Electronic Security, Office Automation & Digital Multimedia Solutions, and more – is a trusted name in the industry.Right from its inception,Smartway has established itself as a trusted organization that takes care of a wide customer base.

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Our Strangths

Quality Service

Quality customer service entails providing efficient, quick and friendly service, building strong relationships with customers, handling complaints quickly and responding to customers’ issues on time. Quality customer service is the best way to keep customers coming back, thus ensuring long-term success.Opening all communication channels is important to provide customers with several options for contacting customer care.

Experience Professionals

We have a vast experience in our domain and all team members are highly experienced professionals. We rely heavily on a team of Principals, who are seasoned, insightful professionals, and structured analysis using our Business Intelligence capabilities. This enables us to scale our expertise to fit your global needs, deliver insights supported by facts, and accelerate benefits.

Timely Delivery & Support

We don’t settle for anything but the timely delivery with quality service and we clearly communicate deadline to our customer too. The phrase in timely fashion means quickly, promptly, within a reasonable time frame. One might also hear in a timely manner, which has the same meaning. Basically, it means “quickly enough” or “on time”.

Who We Are

Smartway is a only manufacturer of NEXT GENERATION RFID Based School Attendance and Automation Systems for schools and colleges in India. First time, we provide customized hardware and software solutions for educational institutions as per the requirement.Yes, we can design hardware and software as per your requirement and budget.

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What We Do

Digital Solutions for Educational Institutions

We provide customized Digital(hardware and software) solutions for educational institutions as per the requirement in very resonable rates.

RIFD Based School Atendance System Integration

We provide RIFD based Biometrics and Face Recognition based time & attendance system for Educational Institute.

Institutional Security Solutions

We have dealing with security system, biometric time and attendance machine, and other products and services.

Our Products

Automatic School Attendance System

This is a wireless RFID Based Automatic School Attendance System. Parents get an instant SMS Notification through integrated Automatic SMS on their mobile.

LED Billboards Advertising

Led Billboards is widely used for outdoor advertising display. It adopts physical and virtual pixel technology which makes the picture more perfect. It can be assembled and disassembled very easy, and it is an ideal product for any kind advertisements.

Digital Security System

We install, service and monitor all types of burglar alarm systems for residential and commercial clients in the West Bengal and surrounding area.